Madrid (Spain), April 19 and 20, 2018


IV International Seminar: Earthworks in Europe will be held in Madrid (Spain), on April 19 and 20, 2018. It is the fourth on the list of homonimous seminars (Paris 2005, London 2009, Berlin 2012) devoted to design, construction, maintenance and monitoring of earthworks. These concepts mean, as an average, 15 to 25 % from total budget of public works all over the Old Continent.


Specialists will analyze and update a list of topics, about which free communications are welcomed and expected:


  • European standardization: by the date of the seminar is expected to be concluded formal vote stage on European Standard “EN 16907 Earthworks” in which experts from all over the continent have been working since 2009. It will be presented by some of their authors.
  • Sustainability and optimal use of local materials: the factibility of use of different material types for earthwork purposes, which several decades ago were thrown out, has been studied in some countries. Some of these practices and experiences shall be exposed and updated.
  • Geotechnical risk analysis: light will be shed on a topic more and more relevant, even more when a common focus with structural engineering is many times intended.
  • Adaptation to climate change: under this topic a pluridisciplinary effort is being done in the last few years. A glance from earthworks perspective is intended in this section.
  • Projects and special achievements: since Berlin 2012 seminar, many projects and construction works have been built. A brief summary of some of them is expected, thus free communications are specially needed on this topic! (it may be presented by only one speaker as a magisterial lesson containing informations submitted).


While the Seminar, but at special schedules, it will be possible to visit CEDEX installations as Geotechnical Laboratory and Track Box (1:1 scale, complete railway track sections of conventional and high speed lines for passenger and freight trains, at speeds up to 400 km/h).


The seminar will be held in the heart of Madrid capital city, in English and Spanish

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